Our Home is registered with the Care Quality Commission and our most recent inspection had a rating of good See our rating here

One of our main aims at the Yews Care Home is to create and provide a normal and comfortable home for the elderly the same as that provided by their caring relatives. We  will look after your loved ones with compassion and treat them with dignity.

These services are offered not only to those who are unable to live on their own but also to those who wish to stay in a residential home out of personal choice.   

We recognise that it is a traumatic experience when moving from one’s own home to a new one.  

This is especially so for the elderly who may have lived in their own homes for a long time.  

Therefore one of the other aims is to lessen the impact of such an experience and make the prospective residents feel safe, secure and comfortable.  

 We recognise the therapeutic and emotional benefits that pet ownership can bring to residents and we have our own resident dog, Millie who is loved by all